Who We Are


The TEWAY BUSINESS SYSTEM is the brain child of Paddy Sweeney. It is not a franchise although it is based on many of the principles that see successful Franchises such as McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, car dealerships, fuel outlets and many more that see them achieve global dominance.

Paddy has had a long involvement with franchising. He purchased his first franchise in 1969 over 50 years ago. Over the next 20 years he was a Franchisee or Licensee a total of 4 times.

In 1969 he set up Stain Busters Cleaning System, a Carpet Cleaning and allied services company. It was established as a Franchise Company and it is alive and well and still prospering today and is owned by the Sweeney Family Trust. Paddy is the Franchisor.

From before he started operating, he had the prime objective to create it so it would eventually work without him needing to be there. The goal was to achieve this in 3 years. It didn’t take 3 years, it took 12 years.

In 2000/2001 he set up “You’ll Say WOW Carpet Cleaning” in New Zealand, a mirror sister company only with a different name.

In 2002 he achieved his dream of the business working without him needing to be there. What made this possible is what the TEWAY BUSINESS SYSTEM is based upon.

In 2012 TEWAY was established. Originally it was called the Best Practice Business System. As it evolved it became obvious it was more Entrepreneurial than Best Practice. The name was changed to The Entrepreneurial Way and shortened to an acronym TEWAY.

Paddy had long been of the opinion that the very best business system in the world is the Franchise concept model. It is a not a model that suited all businesses or all personalities and not all franchise systems are equal. There are some franchise businesses that leave a lot to be desired.

As he became more experienced and more knowledgeable about the industry, it became obvious, that he could create a business system that embraced all of the exceptional ideas that made a successful franchise work. He then created it into a business system so anyone who wanted to put the infrastructure and systems into their business and have a virtual guarantee for success could do so. Provided they did what the business and the systems required.



From the beginning the business system produced awesome results for those who followed the steps and implemented the various systems and ideas.

In 2014 Fiona Cossill joined the business as a mentor and now is a partner. Fiona is a much respected leader and professional mentor with a long list of happy clients. She has contributed at the highest level to the ongoing development and application of the system.

TEWAY is now ready to go to a new level with a new platform using the same basic strategic principles.


Our core philosophy is best summed up by the immortal Zig Zigler who is often quoted as saying:




This Philosophy is at the very heart of what TEWAY is driven by. TEWAY can only survive and succeed by the success of its clients. This same concept is now at the base of the TEWAY MENTOR PROGRAM.

Who is Paddy Sweeney?


Paddy Sweeney has been described as many things, including the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, the motivator’s motivator and a proficient problem solver. It’s a common theme that while others talk about it, he has already started and is well into the project.

As a Professional Speaker and founder of TEWAY, he is a gifted story teller and his relatable advice comes direct from the coalface of real business. He has made and learned from many mistakes and progressed forward to build a significant business portfolio. He has had 7 books published and another is due to be published in 2020.

He is founder and Franchisor of the Stain Busters Cleaning Systems network, expanding throughout Australia, www.stainbusters.com.au. It was launched in 1990. He also owns a sister Franchise Company in New Zealand “You’ll Say WOW Carpet Cleaning”, covering 95% of the country, www.saywow.net.nz.

Both networks have the same slogan “We’ve built a business on the stains others give up on.” Paddy (Also known as Patrick) knew that to build any business and beat your competitors you need to have a point of difference. He studied chemistry and finally figured out how to remove virtually any stain from a carpet. (a bit of an ask for someone who never made it to high school) With this magnificent Point of Difference, Stain Busters is an organisation that just keeps growing  without him being there.

The Point of Difference in your business is paramount to easy growth. The TEWAY BUSINESS SYSTEM can guide you find or refine your Point of Difference.

Paddy has enjoyed the highs of success and has also experienced significant setbacks and being temporarily wiped out financially. It is from within the contrast of these two opposites that he developed the ‘Know How’ to make THE TEWAY BUSINESS SYSTEM what it is.



  • 1975 He acquired the Rights to Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ courses which he ran for 8 years.
  • 1983 He founded The Australian Business Diary. He also ran time management seminars for 4 years.
  • 1988 He earned over $1million in a single year as a salesman.
  • 1990 He established Stain Busters Cleaning Systems in Australia and later, You’ll Say WOW Carpet Cleaning in NZ. (Both continue to prosper with Paddy as Franchisor.)
  • 1998/99 He ran a series of seminars entitled “What your Bank Manager doesn’t know and your Accountant can’t tell you – how to continually double your turnover”.
  • 1998 He founded The Good Bastards Club which now has over 5000 members worldwide.
  • He has been the CEO of a Public Company and responsible for raising over $5 million in capital.
  • 2012 He formed Best Practice Global to market THE TEWAY BUSINESS SYSTEM

Fiona Cossill – Partner


Fiona is a dynamic and vibrant achiever!  She has a BCom in Economics and a Bachelor of Business in Club Management (the first to graduate with this degree in Australia).  Fiona rose from humble beginnings volunteering behind a bar at a local bowls club, to become Assistant GM of one of Queensland’s largest clubs for 7 years and then moved up to the position of GM of a Brisbane RSL/Golf Club for 8 years.  During this time she was the recipient of the esteemed Peter Clarebrough Award which took her to study in Las Vegas and recipient of an Industry Bursary which took her to Macau. She holds the Certified Club Manager status which is the highest accreditation for a Club Manager in Australia.  Running a major club with many thousands of members and a large team of employees is right in the nub of running a successful business. Fiona started her own Business Project Management business in 2012 and is now super passionate about people continually taking the next step to achieve their dreams.  She has a large base of One on One Clients and also is a course leader in the Group Program.

She has been developing TEWAY FOR WOMEN, a modified variation of TEWAY specific to the needs of Women Entrepreneurs.

As a partner within the TEWAY Organisation and is building her client base training and mentoring others to grow their businesses to heights others only dream of.

 On a personal level Fiona takes every opportunity to take the next step, from getting on a plane to travel, scuba diving, playing saxophone in rock & blues bands, and running a marathon.  She now devotes her time every day to helping people in their lives and businesses to understand, apply and benefit from TEWAY and be the very best they can be.

Fiona has been a Partner with TEWAY for over six years and is a dynamic and vibrant achiever!    She  is super passionate about helping people continually taking the next step to achieve their fondest objectives.