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Are you getting testimonials for your business?

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They are so essential in today’s world of ‘social proof’ and even nicer when they’re spontaneous from clients who are super happy with the results they’re getting.

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Testimonial Overview

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  • Vivienne had been in business for 12 months, and has tripled her income in 3 months.
  • Trish wanted to have a baby but was tied to the business 7 days.  She has been able to get the business to work without her, go on holidays and now she has a beautiful baby girl.
  • Andrew had a successful business, but desperately needed to restructure so it could grow.  After working with TEWAY he is now building a franchise network in his business and is nearly ready to sell his first franchise.
  • Elena niched her business so she could scale and has had 300% increase in sales in one year.
  • Marija and Sally went from start up to  $10,000 months within 90 days.
  • Natasha is meeting her income targets every week easily, and is now building her dream workshop and coaching business for empowering women.
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When you’re running your own business it’s very hard to focus on the right things at the right time. Not to mention, that while you may be an expert in your field – that doesn’t magically make you great at everything. The great thing about Teway, is that you start learning how to systemise your business to become less reliant on you as a person. Plus, those areas where you may not be necessarily very good at or enjoy, they show you how to get past it in the best possible way to suit your business needs.

After having participated in the program once, I found that when I was out on my own again that the level of success for my business started waning. I attribute this to easily getting distracted by the wrong things and not having someone to keep me accountable to and on track with my own business goals. It’s important to put the ego aside and get help. Every successful business person has a coach. Why should I be any different if I want success

AJ Hayes

Star Talent Staffing

One day at golf I listened to a very passionate chap telling us about his way of building a business and getting more new clients than you ever thought possible. As I was in the process of starting a new accounting practice I thought to myself that it is important for me to meet this bloke and find out what it is all about. That was how I met Paddy in January 2014 and after some discussion I decided that his program was for me and I joined up.  I was not sure where his program would take me but I knew that the ride would be interesting. So it was. I have found my big idea, gained clarity and a clear vision of where I want to take my new business. His program gave me the structure to work through many obstacles which I have confronted and overcome. Since starting the program I have not looked back and I have now getting more ideal clients than I thought possible.

Paddy is someone who gives you the incentive to excel and at the same time provides an environment of support. He has the ability to see your big idea before you can and knows how to provide focus with his program towards your big idea.

With Paddy’s help I now left my little plans behind and am building a business that is guaranteed to be successful and which will allow me to reach my significant goals.  To anyone that has the ambition to build a great business I recommend Paddy and his team to you. They are passionate, knowledgeable and supportive and together with their Best Practice Business System give you the tools to far exceed your ambitions.

Patrick Robards FIPA

Accountant With A Difference

Since I have been working with the Best Practice Business System I have been making changes to my business which have made a massive difference to how it’s performing.  The best results are my tracking of my critical numbers which allows me to know exactly what is happening. Also understanding and applying the Prospecting System has enable me to increase my client base.  The biggest change has been learning the entrepreneurial structure over academic structure of what it takes to make my business successful.

Neil Moxey

Bosch Auto

Since working with the Best Practice Business System I have been able to get clear on my ‘Big Idea’ – the direction and future of my business is now crystal clear which has given me direction on HOW to move forward.  I now have a structure to follow to help our business reach its goals.  I highly recommend The Best Practice Business System as a complete success system for your business.

Michelle Wood

Prana Cafe and Function Centre

I am in a transition period of finding a new venture. Being a part of the Best Practice Business System has enabled me to feel more positive about all the ideas that I have had swimming around in my head for ages.  I am thinking more clearly about where I am going and I’m finding the system to be extremely helpful in developing the framework to make my next business venture my most successful yet.

Kerrie McCann

The best result I have achieved since implementing the Best Practice Business System has been the ability to following the system to ensure that the right work is being done for my business to flourish.  I am able to see significant changes in my business occurring from being able to define the future clearly through knowing and working towards my Big Idea. My business is definitely expanding as I use the system.  If you own a business and need help, call the Best Practice Business Consultancy and find out how you can increase your profitability and guarantee the success of your business.  The information is ‘gold’.

Chad Sorsdahl

Naked Truth Fitness

The Best Practice Business System has been very good for my business. I have learnt that ‘I need to do what the business requires and not just what l feel like doing’. More than that; it has helped me build a dynamic plan on how to get more customers than I ever thought I could. It has also proven the necessity of sticking to the system while creating plans and ideas in a clear concise format.  Since starting to install The Best Practice System  I have booked my first two ‘In Home Beauty Clinics’ and I am very excited about getting this division underway.  I highly recommend the System as it shows you exactly how to get your business to the selling stage and helps create a plan where the business will eventually work without you.

Lynda Hundt

Eye On Beauty New York

Finally having a dedicated marketing plan and a clear direction for my business has been such a great improvement, since working with the Best Practice Business System.  The structure it has provided me for my business is sooo important!  I know that this is a must and thanks to the guidance from my Best Practice Strategist I am now dedicating the much needed time and effort required to be successful.  Having a smiling face that shows up every second week who is as excited and motivated about my business as what I am is FANTASTIC – I would highly recommend the Best Practice Business System to any business owner.

Melissa Pahl


Starting my own business was daunting. I knew I could do what I already did quite well, but when it comes to running a successful business, what got you here won’t get you there.  I was recommended the Best Practice Business System. I figured that if I could land one to three new clients the system would have paid for itself.
So far I’m only half way through the Best Practice Business System program and my immediate goals are already achieved.  Furthermore, it has now helped my vision with where I should be going, where I want to go, and how I get there.  All in all, I highly recommend the Best Practice Business System as a must for someone who is in need of some support in growing their business.

Chris Peyton

QLD Club Network Specialist

The best result for us in working with the Best Practice Business System has been helping us to move our business forward more quickly and with a ‘laser’ focus.  We can now see, very clearly, the potential of how many more customers we can get just by following the Best Practice Prospecting system and new sales are coming in due to our concentrated efforts in sales and marketing.   We enjoy the informative and entertaining presentations including the real life business stories which inspire us, (and make us laugh).  The great range of carefully compiled text books guide us brilliantly as we go forward and are such good resources.  The Best Practice Business System fits us like a glove!

Al and Chrissy Taylor

Eye Catcha Promo Products and Print